Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen

Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen with cream gravy

Ingredients (for 4 persons):
½ kg of frozen Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen, about 400 gr. cooking cream, 20 gr. strained spinach, 20 gr. Parmesan, pepper, spicery, salt and white wine.

Cooking instructions:
Give the frozen Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen in salted and boiling water and let cook them for about 3 minutes. Let the cooking cream cook for about 5 minutes, add pepper and spicery, let boil up all together only one time and add short before serving the strained spinach, the Parmesan and a well dash of white wine. Toss the Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen with the cream gravy and serve them on a plate.

Bon appetite!