Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen

Our philosophy

In our days it is of utmost importance to give particular attention to a varied and healthy diet. For this reason we select very carefully our suppliers and we control regularly the quality of the raw materials we use for our products. Not the lowest prices but the outstanding quality is crucial for the selection of the ingredients we utilize.

In our products you will surely taste the high quality eggs, the purity of the mountain spring water as well as the accurate and traditional way of our food preparation.

Application of the HACCP concepts:
After the HACCP law has come into effect on 30 June 1999 the company Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen has tried to meet the standards and directions of this law by hard and intensive work. The company pays its special attention to:
- HACCP plans
- rules of hygiene for workes
- different working instructions, cleaning and disinfection plans..

An analysis certificate which has to be delivered with the basic products, that guaranties the perfect quality of them, gives further security.

Documentation of the HACCP-concept:
Company-own, internal electronical measurements are the basic for a continuous quality control. We check especially the values of the following areas:
- product test plans
- delivered products,
- environmental test plans,
- cleaning minutes.

Additionally to all of this a specialized company has the order to take continuously samples from all basic products and to expose them to laboratory tests.
Because of the good cooperation, our suppliers place this analysis at our disposal on each delivery and periodically tests from official inspectors for hygiene give further security.

Environmental care:
The company Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen is practising the HACCP concept for cleaning and uses only ecologically and non toxic cleaning agents. This worthes even for the lubrication of those parts of our machines that will never come in touch with the products. The protection and preservation of the countryside has the absolutely priority for Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen. We are sure, that a healthy product can only be made in a intact surrounding.