Ahrntaler Schlutzkrapfen

Ahrntal Valley – a valley like its products.

Ahrntal Valley is a natural paradise and one of the most beautiful valleys of South Tyrol: it has a big area of natural beauty and becomes praised by tourists that visited this wonderful valley.

Ahrntal Valley is the northernmost Alps valley of Italy and bordered by Zillertaler Alps, Mainridge and Rieserfernergruppe. It’s side valleys leads in softly curves up to the Tauern on the southern part of the valley. Only here you can have a very exciting outlook for the panorama of the Alpine region.

Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol is a byword for enjoyment and guarantees quality and freshness. Quality has a very special importance for us. Especially in buying processed products our customers have the right to be sure, that the product they acquires gives back a feeling of pureness and freshness for which our country, our meadows and incontaminated fresh air are noted.

Nowhere else a land stamps his products like here in South Tyrol. And nowhere else people live so close to nature, because agriculture is still be done in harmony with nature. We buy our products only from little to middle-sized companies that are feeling bounded themselfes to this tradition. We give our best for saving the natural characteristic of the basic product in processing it. We guarantee with a clear conscience for our natural and high qualitative products.

Even at our new establishment in Pfalzen at the sunny balcony of South Tyrol we feel bounded to this tradition. We are sure, that you as our customers will appreciate this.